Constructed: 2019

Phase 3 Access For All
2019 – The Finish!

The completion of phase 3 will conclude the build-out of the Access for All Barrier-Free Playscape.

The Access For All plan includes enough activity variety to be a draw, year-round, for people of all abilities.  This makes AFA a great investment in our community.

Phase 3 will complete a truly barrier-free, accessible and inclusive playground, a destination playground which Red Deer will be proud of.  By ensuring this playground has many elements, whether you are seeking a thrill, a group activity, a strength training opportunity or simply just a place to relax while your kids play, Access For All will accomplish all that.

When completed, Access For All will help build our society because it will provide Access For All.


The Plan!

We need to provide a classic playground thrill opportunity / merry-go-round experience for those in a wheel chair, in addition to able-bodied people, allowing for a group experience.

Solution: Ability Whirl or substitute.

What this? A mystery item?!

We have a secret item!

The secret item will encourage imagination, will help kids think beyond their immediate world and will stimulate mental and physical stretching It will be a unique item, very global in nature.

Want to learn more? Check it out here

The Finale

Completion will also see paths, an archway, sign, and offer a small rest area to ensure caregivers are welcomed and made comfortable.

A restful place for caregivers encourages supervision and acknowledges the need of a place to relax.


If your organization would like to make a donation to Access for All or organize a fundraiser for AFA, please get in touch.

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