Mattie McCullough Elementary School

Mattie McCullough is a full partner of the Access For All project.  Inspiration for the project came as a result of student requests that all of their classmates be able to play together, including those with disabilities.  Mattie McCullough staff and parents sit on the playground design and fundraising sub-committees and have made significant contributions in terms of planning, organizing, and fundraising.

The City of Red Deer

The City of Red Deer is an important partner of the Access For All project.  Access For All will be built on City of Red Deer property.  In addition to being the playground`s landlord, the City plays important roles as design consultant, will offer in-kind services during the construction phase and will complete pathway upgrades to improve the accessibility of the playground.  In addition the City will maintain the equipment and the grounds after installation.

Rotary Clubs of Red Deer

The Rotary Clubs of Red Deer are full partners of the Access For All project.  The inspiration for the project derived from the desire of Rotary members to complete a local project that would benefit the community.  All four Rotary clubs including the Rotaract Club are involved in the organization, planning, and fund raising initiatives.

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Alberta Teachers Association
Children’s Ability Fund Grant

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