A new barrier-free playscape at Mattie McCullough Elementary School
Three-year project goal (2016-2019): $577,000
Completion: Fall 2019

The Rotary Clubs in Red Deer and surrounding area have partnered with Mattie McCullough Elementary School and the City of Red Deer to undertake the construction of a barrier-free playground to enhance accessibility for people of all abilities and ages to play and grow together. The project is named Access for All.

Mattie McCullough Elementary School (MMES) was chosen as the playground site for two reasons:

  1. MMES and participating Rotary clubs have a shared vision that the playground will serve the whole community as well as the school.
  2. Second, there is ample land available.

The City of Red Deer has agreed to donate this land and provide on-going maintenance.

Access for All will focus on development of social, physical and co-operative skills providing opportunities for integration, interaction and inclusion for people of all abilities. 50% of the “playscape” design will integrate equipment purpose-built for people with unique abilities.

Access for All will be the largest barrier-free playground in Central Alberta.


What Will Access For All Create?


A place where EVERYONE can enjoy spending time together experiencing and celebrating each other’s differences.


A place where there are no barriers


A place where we can build strong community bonds

The Result

Educate the typically able:

Typically able individuals will meet and play with those with challenges and will become:

  • People who now accept others with disabilities
  • People who respect others with unique abilities
  • People who are better prepared for their own challenges

Encourage a population:

Disabled people who play alongside typically able people become:

  • People with confidence grown out of acceptance
  • People who aspire for more and develop more skills
  • People who can do more off the playground as well

Final Outcome

A stronger, more able society is the outcome.  A playground can help build a society as long as it provides Access For All.

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